We previously reported that Gucci Mane was so impressed with Gunna's latest offering, Drip Season 3, that Wop had extended a $1 Million offer to the rapper to sign with 1017. Frequent collaborator and YSL labelmate Young Thug has shot down Gucci real quick, saying that he has already matched the deal for Gunna to stay with YSL Records. Thugger took to Twitter to inform Gucci, "I gave em that already kid.. #NOCAP." While Thug declined the offer swiftly on Gunna's behalf, there does not appear to be any bad blood between the YSL members and Gucci. Thug is simply letting his Atlanta brother know what's up.

Gunna has proven that he has the potential to make a run among southern rap's finest and under the tutelage of Young Thug, his career will likely continue to grow in the coming years. Gunna and Thug have incredible chemistry, meshing well in their past work together so it seems appropriate to hear that Thug is keeping him aboard his YSL crew.

Although the extent of the deal is unknown, Gunna seems to be sticking by Young Thug to likely make a few appearances in his music. Don't expect to hear any Thug solo albums for at least another year though, as the artist has claimed he is going the full year without any releases to honor his deaf brother who cannot hear. Maybe Gucci can use the money he's saving to sign Skippa Da Flippa, who has publicly stated that he wants out of his deal with Quality Control.