Young Thug can't seem to get a break these days. The rapper's been dealing with some serious legal issues in recent times and it doesn't look like it's about to end anytime soon. According to AJC, a famed Atlanta jeweler has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, claiming that he's yet to pay off a $115K debt.

Icebox Diamonds & Watches is taking Young Thug to court over an outstanding jewelry bill. They allege that Thugger took over $200K worth of jewelry after the rapper agreed to pay off the remaining balance at a later date. The transactions occurred over the span of four visits between May 2017 to May 2018. The rapper paid off $95K of the debt, but failed to fulfill of the rest of his payments.

Thug reportedly nabbed himself a $30K Rolex watch, a $20K Cartier bracelet, as well as a $30K diamond wallet chain with a $6,500 rose gold clasp. 

Icebox alleges that Thug never planned on paying them back, saying he "intentionally induced Icebox to allow him to take merchandise."

Matthew Parish, the attorney for Icebox, said that they sent a letter to Thug on Oct. 16th demanding the rest of the $115,090 that was owed.

"We told him if he did not respond, or at least get back to us to discuss the debt, within 30 days, we would sue him,” Parrish said before claiming the rapper has been unresponsive.

Icebox demands Young Thug pay off the remaining balance of his debt as well as  $250K in punitive damages and paying attorney fees.