Young Thug has been put in jail effective immediately after failing a drug test linked to a 2017 arrest. The Blast originally reported that Young Thug failed the aforementioned drug test at a scheduled arraignment hearing this morning. The lingering charges count against a spot-check that occurred in September of last year in which Thugger was found holding marijuana, and methamphetamine, as well as enough hydrocodone, to suggest an "intent to distribute."

He was also found with codeine (on two counts), a gun, tabs of Xanax, and an amphetamine, all in his possession, although it's unclear how those charges figure into the grand scheme of things, at this juncture of the case. The bond posted by the judge was implicated in his booking a year, on the eve of his participation on a North American tour with J. Cole, Jaden Smith, and EarthGang.

When the bust went down, Young Thug was held for two days before gaining his clearance on September 13th. Pitchfork has since cleared up the confusion emanating from the disparate timelines circulating in the original report. Young Thug has complied with the court-ordered process(es) every step of the way. Neither Young Thug or his reps have yet to file a statement in accordance with this recent setback.

Free Thugger.