When Young Thug's on the mic, any topic's fair game. He'll reference kids movies and famous gangs side-by-side, name-drop close friends who are unknown to the rest of the world, and arrive at conclusions in the most roundabout ways possible (who else orders "boneless chicken like an egg"?). This approach infuriates some and dazzles others, but regardless of your personal opinion, you've gotta admit it-- he's got an entirely unique approach to lyrics. Words seem to float around Young Thug's head like an endless connect-the-dots game come to life, with certain ones (slime, baby, wet, bool, and oddly enough on his new tape, mullet) popping up more often than others. 

Slime Season 2, Thugger's latest project, packs a ton of seemingly unrelated lyrics into songs, making for a listening experience that often feels like watching sketch comedy. In addition to his usual animal references (a defining feature of both Barter 6 and SS1), he also manages to mention a plethora of pop culture mainstays from Ice T to Yoko Ono in nearly every track, allowing them to stand in as metaphors, puns or double entendres as he sees fit. Unlike another rapper who loves to name-drop, The Game, Thug doesn't seem to spend a lot of time setting up these cultural allusions, instead letting them speed past, liable to be missed on the first listen. Now that you've had a few days to sit with SS2, let's see how many of these you've caught on your own.