YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a fascinating artist, all things considered. At the age of twenty, the Baton Rouge rapper has already amassed a truly impressive collection of gold and platinum plaques, distributed evenly for the most part. It's even more impressive an accomplishment considering that he never quite broke into the mainstream eye, instead relying on a loyal fanbase ready and willing to run up his streaming numbers; consider that for a time, YoungBoy was the reigning king of YouTube.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Now, with his wall already lined with dozens of RIAA certifications, the appropriately named young boy has officially added another four to the collection. "Untouchable" has gone Platinum, "No Smoke" has gone Platinum, AI Youngboy has gone platinum, and "No 9"  has gone gold. It's a testament to the longevity of AI YoungBoy, which was released in July of 2017 when he was even younger a boy than his name might have indicated. One thing is for sure, however -- at this rate, he truly won't ever be broke again.

Congratulations to NBA, who shows no sign of slowing down his pace -- provided he can keep his head in the game, mindless to the distractions that seem to send him spiraling off course. Either way, he'll have plenty of loyal fans waiting to catch him when he falls.