Pride Month is fully underway and we've been making an effort to highlight some of the top talents that are represented in both the LGBTQ+ and hip-hop communities. We recently published a piece about the Prism Battle Rap League, which houses some of the freshest lyricists from the LGBTQ+ community. We also wrote about stars like Frank Ocean, iLoveMakonnen, Quay Dash and others who are seriously shaping the way we look at hip-hop and its surrounding culture. With so many people taking advantage of the month of June to show they are allies to their LGBTQ+ peers, YouTuber Elijah Daniel decided to take things one step even further by purchasing an entire town and renaming it just to spite Trump.

In a piece of news that has impacted most major networks today, Elijah Daniel has bought the town of Hell, Michigan and decided to rename it Gay Hell. The town has been on sale for years and as the new mayor of Hell, Daniel's first action was to announce the name change. In a direct response to Trump banning embassies from flying pride flags, the content creator is enforcing a rule that only pride flags can be flown in Gay Hell. 

Back in 2017, Daniel was also the mayor of Hell and he banned heterosexual people from the town as a stunt according to CNN. This most recent move is funny but it's far from a stunt. This time, Daniel is trying to send a message and it's coming through loud and clear.