Yung Lean has long since proved he's more than a meme rapper, with his artistic evolution culminating in last year's stellar Stranger. With a unique blend of hip-hop and ambient cloud-trap, Leandoer's vibe has caught the ear of Travis Scott, who hooked the Swedish rapper up with a cameo on Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. How's that for validation. Now, Lean is winding down from the recent Stranger tour, but that doesn't mean he's quieting the hustle. Far from it. The stylish musician has put the mic down and teamed up with Converse to bring another vision to life. The end result is what's sure to be one of the most coveted drops of the year. 

This weekend, Converse has brought the One-Star Hotel pop-up shop to the streets of Shoreditch, London in a celebration of street culture only the hypest of beasts can appreciate. With so much attention it's only wise to come through with a few limited editions, and evidently one such pair is a collaboration with the Sadboy himself, Yung Lean. The shoes are only available today: should any of our overseas readers be interested in securing a pair, hit up 155 New N Rd, London N1 6TA​. 

The shoe itself is dope, with neon green toe panelling, a Sadboys logo, and a snarling dog imprinted on the hell. Check them out below. Any Lean fans out there?