A Yung Lean concert in Minneapolis was cancelled tonight due to a bomb threat made via social media. The security at the venue, Fine Line Music Cafe, began evacuating the club at around 6:30pm, shortly after ticket holders had begun to file in. Yung Lean was backstage at the time, and he was immediately moved to his tourbus. Police then secured streets in proximity of the venue until about 8pm, when it was confirmed that nothing dangerous was found near the scene. 

Yung Lean updated his fans after he was taken to his tourbus and told them he was unsure why the club had been evacuated. Though no evidence of any foul play was discovered, the show was still cancelled by the staff at Fine Line Music Cafe. Yung Lean confirmed the cancellation by writing, "i wanted to play the show but due to the circumstances it won't work." 

One wouldn't expect the Swedish Sad Boy's shows to be conducive to violence, though just last weekend (Mar. 18), after a recent show in Pittsburgh, gunshots were fired at Lean's tourbus. Hopefully the remainder of Lean's Warlord tour goes down without a hitch. Check dates here