Yung Lean Expands His "Stranger" Short Film With "Metallic Intuition"

Mitch Findlay
November 21, 2017 10:23

On November 10th, Swedish artist Yung Lean came through with one of the year's biggest surprises, Stranger. The melodic and hypnotizing project found Lean exploring new sonic directions, culminating in his most focused and mature album to date. And while the music itself is certainly vivid, Leandoer's artistic vision also includes an ever-expanding short film called Stranger. Prior to the album's release, Lean released the "Suzie and Leo" directed short film, which followed an ostensibly simple premise: "A fugitive turns into a demon then a sad clown and finally becomes a man again." 

Now, Lean has delivered a prequel to the short film in the form of a music video for "Metallic Intuition." Expanding on the narrative from the original short, Lean once again finds himself playing the fugitive, who is being nursed to health by a family. Unfortunately, a bounty hunter has alternate plans, which eventually leads to the ominous "massacre." It might be a little too surreal for some, but overall, this saga is a testament to the bizarre and brilliant mind of Yung Lean. Do yourself a favor and stream Stranger today.

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