Hip-hop fans may disagree on many things, but they tend to unite where death is concerned. It's always a tragedy to see a rapper pass away, and 2017 has already taken Prodigy from the game. This morning, news broke that Atlanta-based rapper Yung Mazi was tragically shot and killed outside of an Urban Pie restaurant. Mazi was no stranger to gunfire, having survived multiple non-fatal gunshot wounds, and Atlanta police have described the suspect as a dread-locked man in a white t-shirt and jeans. 

While the community mourns, it should also remember why they gravitated toward Yung Mazi in the first place - his music. Known for collaborations with Kevin Gates and Young Thug, Mazi was a promising artist who brought real street narratives into the studio. In fact, the same narratives he rapped about on wax ultimately led to his passing. Clearly, Mazi was a real one.

For those who mourn, take some time to check out some of his music. Mazi left behind a solid collection of songs and mixtapes, so here are a few of them collected for your listening pleasure. Rest in peace, Yung Mazi.