It's been a rough time for Yung Miami, but the rapper is still managing to put smiles on the faces of her loved ones. The City Girls artist recently celebrated the release of the duo's latest record City on Lock, even though it came prematurely following an unfortunate leak. Still, City Girls made the best of an uncomfortable situation and have been working hard to promote the project.

Yung Miami, Cars
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Amid the career drama, Yung Miami revealed that the father of her son had passed away. While she hasn't spoken openly about the circumstances surrounding what's reported to be a shooting, she did share a few images ahead of his funeral. Yung Miami returns to social media, this time with good news, as she announced she made a few luxury purchases for her family members.

"Went to cop my brother a brand new whip all cash," the rapper wrote on Instagram. Then, she showed a bag full of money, all $20 bills, and she unloaded the massive amount of cash for the world to see. She then shared a video a clip of her brother enjoying his new ride along with a stack of cash in the passenger seat.

Yung Miami followed that up by writing, "My mama next when she get out. Bought both my sister and brother 2 cars each they both got upgraded." Holding the family down. Check it out below.