Three months ago, Yung Miami and Southside announced that they'd called it quits. The rap couple had been together for some time and even welcomed their daughter, Summer, in October 2019. Their relationship may not have lasted, but unlike many of the other celebrity exes that we see unravel online, Yung Miami and Southside have refrained from speaking negatively about one another. As they politely co-parent, there have been sightings of Southside out on the town with another woman while the rapper often jokes about men with her City Girls co-star JT. Those quips continued on Tuesday (December 29) when Yung Miami suggested that she's ready to move on.

"Y’all ready for me to have another baby?" the rapper jokingly tweeted. The responses poured in, including one person who said the next time around, her fans should be in charge of choosing the father of her child. "Lmfaooooo," was all Yung Miami had to say about the suggestion.

Getting into another relationship may not come easy for the mother of two young children as she shared on Twitter that her kids may deter potential suitors. "You gone hear my kids in the background when you call me lol," she wrote. "Santana said I don’t have a man cause my kids always loud in my background." We're sure the QC rapper is doing just fine. Check out her tweets below.