An assault case that dates back to 2017 is now a predicament of the past for Z-Ro, according to reports. Documents obtained by TMZ, show the dismissal of the misdemeanor assault charge against the rapper. A Texas judge signed off on this motion on Tuesday, January 7. 

An incident involving the entertainer's then-girlfriend, Just Brittany, led to the case mentioned above. Z-Ro was offered a deal that would ultimately entail the dismissal of the charges. He agreed to the terms named by the prosecutors, which required him to complete an intervention program for batterers. Charles Adams, Z-Ro’s attorney, is said to have encouraged the accused to take the deal. Although Z-Ro heeded to his legal representation's advice and went on to participate in the intervention program, he maintains his innocence. 

Just Brittany had filed a police report with Harris County officers which led to Z-Ro's arrest in July 2017. The alleged assault is said to have taken place that same year in April. The initial charges against the entertainer were set to label him a felon. However, months after Z-Ro's arrest, a grand jury decided not to indict him on a felony charge. Given this decision, prosecutors opted to try him on a misdemeanor instead.