Zac Efron's hair has somehow become a topic of conversation this year. It all started back in the summer, when he debuted a controversial style: dreads. Apparently oblivious to the storm of criticism that dogged him as soon as he went public with the look, he doubled down on the style, turning those dreads into another white guy faux-pas by braiding them into cornrows and tweeting a photo of his hair but shifting the focus onto the "beautiful LA carp" that he seems to have just caught in the photo. Although no one can be sure why Zac Efron, of High School Musical and 17 Again, would go out of his way to get dreads or cornrows, his Twitter page contains a hint by way of dreadlocked "role model:"

Dreads aside, this week, Efron has debuted a hairstyle that will have many sighing with relief: it's blonde.. The change in hair is simple and inoffensive, although maybe there will be a Scandinavian backlash in the coming days. Even though there's only a tiny amount of hair showing, Efron's fans were quick to jump at the new do with praise and criticism: