NBA All-Star Zach Randolph's brother was shot and killed on Saturday night outside a bar in Marion, Indiana. According to ESPNboth Randolph brothers were raised in Marion, which is  60 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Police claim that an officer responded to the sound of gunfire at around 5 AM and found Roger Randolph bleeding out between two cars outside of Hop's Blues Room bar. Police do not think the shooting was random. 

Roger Randolph, 35, was no stranger to shootouts, which is why police believe that his death was not a random shooting. In 2005, Roger was sentenced to three years in prison after being involved in nightclub shooting near Marion in a town called Anderson. Court records claim that Roger was still living in Anderson at the time of his death. Allegedly, that shooting arose from an argument on the dance floor.

In a statement, Kings' GM Vlade Divac called Roger's death "tragic." The Grizzlies, who Zach Randolph played eight seasons with, tweeted their condolences as well.

Roger Randolph also played basketball growing up in Marion, where his brother led the high school team to a championship before heading to Michigan State, and then the NBA. Roger got into trouble at the high school and was kicked off the team.