Last year, the public was left confused yet entertained by a photo published by Splash News in July 2017. It depicted two men carrying a seemingly heavy suitcase from a vehicle to a Tribeca apartment. The caption attached to the image stated, "Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase." Many engaged with the absurd concept, speculating about its circumstances that would lead the singer to zip herself up in that manner to enter her own home. Others dismissed the whole thing, quite understandably. Over a year later, the rumor is being reignited thanks to Zayn Malik.

During a recent interview with Vogue, the former One Direction member mentioned the issue. Zayn brought it up casually by stating, "[Taylor] was traveling around in a suitcase" in efforts to avoid paparazzi. He seemed enthusiastic about the ingenious, yet unlikely, measure his music collaborator has taken in efforts to keep her privacy.

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Many of the artist's contemporaries compete for the public's attention. A few are also said to hire their own personal paparazzi to control the narrative that will be published and circulated in addition to having control over the photo editing process. While protecting one's privacy can help a celebrity sustain a sense of normalcy, hiding in a suitcase might not be conducive to feeling like a regular citizen.