New Jersey rapper, Russ, has managed to create quite a lane for himself, as his debut album There's Really A Wolf, recently went platinum with him being the only artist, producer, or engineer on the project. However, in addition to his musical talents, he also has quite a talent for rubbing people the wrong way, and he recently caught the ire of the entire rap producer community when an old VladTV interview where he criticizes producers for the making similar, mediocre production. 

Russ comments received backlash from popular producers such as Metro Boomin (who came out of Twitter retirement to call him wack), London on Da Track (called him an idiot), and Southside (told him not to speak on Black producers), along with many others, but now OG trap producer Zaytoven decided to speak his piece, while simultaneously promoting his new album, Trap Holizay

On Twitter this morning, Zaytoven wrote, "Aye tell this guy RUSS ..... #TrapHolizay is about to be his FAVORITE ALBUM ! 🏆"

Zay seems to have taken a different approach to his criticism of Russ than some of the other producers have. Rather than decry Russ and his comments, he's instead choosing to challenge his statements, by releasing an album so dope that Russ will have no choice but to admit that it's flames. 

Russ has yet to apologize for his comments, instead choosing to double down on his stance that many producers are making the same thing. Luckily for Russ, he produces all his albums himself, since it might be hard for him to find someone to produce for him after this.