Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie is gearing up to begin filming this Fall, and fans of the Clown Prince of Crime are excited to see the new take on the villain. The movie is set to be an origin film that explores The Joker's ascension into madness. There is one key story in Batman lore that tackles this same story. Entitled The Killing Joke, the comic has become one of the most famous Batman comics of all time. In it, The Joker describes how only one bad day changed his life, in a similar way to Batman. Whereas Batman's "bad day" was the night his parents were murdered, for The Joker, his "bad day" centers around the death of his wife and child. 

According to The Hollywood ReporterAtlanta and Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz is in talks to play a love interest of The Joker. Although the script for the film has been kept under wraps, fans are speculating that The Killing Joke story will be implemented somehow. If that is true, it is possible that Zazie will be playing The Joker's wife, who tragically dies around the same time he is thrust into a vat of chemicals that changes his appearances forever.