HBO's latest series Euphoria has been praised by many for its honest portrayal of the social media age and a group of teens that live through it. Zendaya leads the Drake-produced series and already a second season has been greenlit leaving fans eager and excited. The on-screen happenings within the series are just as much as a hot topic as the off-screen happenings which is why Zendaya's recent spotting alongside her co-star Jacob Elordi (who stars as Nathan) is big news. 


The possible couple was spotted together in Greece this week when an obvious fan snapped a photo with them posted up right behind him. The internet has, of course, went off to the idea of Zendaya and Jacob being a real-life couple with one user writing: "If Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are for real dating then let me tell u that would be the most attractive couple it would be over for every other couple in the world. periodttttttttttt."

Sources say Zendaya threw a birthday party last week and most of her castmates attended but only Jacob has joined her on her Greece trip with close friends and family. 

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