Zion Williamson is the most talked about incoming NBA rookie since LeBron James entered the league in 2003 - and like LeBron, Zion doesn't have any desire to compete in the annual NBA Dunk Contest.

The 18-year old phenom has shown off his ridiculous hops and thunderous slams both pre-game and in-game dating back to his high school days, but he says he simply isn't a dunk contest guy. During a pre-draft interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Zion explained:

"Honestly, I don't think I'm gonna do it. To be honest, but, unless something can change my mind."

“I’m not much of a dunk contest person. It’s kinda like, I just do it in warmups to get myself going.”

When pressed further, the soon-to-be No. 1 overall pick added, “They already got some great dunkers, they ain’t missing nothing with me.”

We'll have to wait and see if "something can change his mind" but basketball fans can still look forward to watching Williamson's prolific in-game dunks, including lobs from Lonzo Ball. 

During one of his many pre-draft interviews, the former Duke Blue Devils star spoke about the new-look New Orleans Pelicans, specifically Lonzo and Brandon Ingram. Says Zion, "Lonzo, I think he's a great PG, very old school and I respect that about him. Brandon Ingram I think he's a bucket-getter, he can give you 25 or 30 a night.”