Zion Williamson gave the basketball world a scare when he injured his knee after breaking through his shoe during a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels. His Duke Blue Devils eventually lost that game 78-62 and have since fallen from first to third in the NCAA basketball rankings. While Zion is starting his road to recovery, he still won't be able to play in the team's game on Tuesday night against Virginia Tech. Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski explained that the team has a four-step process for knee-injury recovery and that Zion is feeling better.

"He's going through that, and when he gets through all of them, we'll see where he's at," Krzyzewski said according to ESPN. "There's no timetable. We don't want to put the pressure of time on him."

The Duke coach also talked about all of the debates going around now about one and done players and whether or not Williamson should return to action this season.

"Zion is a player that attracts attention," Krzyzewski said. "It's interesting how every issue in college basketball -- amateurism, paying, going early -- are all brought in at this point. I do think in some ways it's good. They have a face to talk about, not just the injury. All those things should be talked about; it's just they're talking about him. And I think they should be discussed and remedied, but the main thing we're talking about is getting him healthy."

Duke currently boasts a record of 24-3 and are still favorites to go deep in the NCAA tournament in March.