When Zion Williamson was first drafted onto the New Orleans Pelicans, there were concerns about his conditioning. Some felt as though he had put on just a bit too much weight and that it was being exacerbated by his knee injury which kept him off the court. When Williamson finally returned to the court back in January, he was nothing short of dominant, however, there were still rumblings that the excess weight could be a problem for his knees. 

Well, it seems like Zion heard those criticisms loud and clear as today he showed off his brand new physique. In a photo posted to the Pelicans Twitter account, Williamson looks insanely jacked, which is bad news for all of the teams in the Western Conference that might have to face him in the first round of the playoffs (looking at you Lakers.)

As you can imagine, social media's reaction to Zion's new form was pretty hilarious, as fans were shocked at his ability to morph during the lockdown. Clearly, working out became a top priority for Zion, and now, he looks like one of the most athletic players in the league.

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