Zion Williamson was talked about a lot last season although it wasn't always in the most positive light. For instance, JJ Redick called Zion a bad teammate following the news that he hadn't even reached out to CJ McCollum. From there, Zion was theorized to be 330 pounds as he had completely let himself go while injured. All of this coupled with the rumors that he wanted out of New Orleans was enough to have fans very scared.

Now, it seems like Williamson is ready to go for next season and he has also made it clear he wants to return to NOLA. In fact, in recent pictures, Zion looks incredibly jacked, which is very bad news for the rest of the NBA.

Zion Williamson

Mark Brown/Getty Images

This week, Zion decided to show off just how in shape he really is by hitting up a local YMCA. As you can see in the footage down below, there were plenty of kids there and they were in awe of Zion who decided to give them a basketball lesson. Williamson was dunking on these kids and it was a pretty hilarious sight. Of course, the kids loved it and afterward, Zion made sure to talk to some of the youth all while giving them praise for their efforts.  

It remains to be seen what Zion will look like on the floor next season after having missed an entire year. The Pelicans are a team on the rise and if he can play at 100 percent, then they could very well be a scary team for years to come.