British singer and songwriter Lilly Allen has recently released an autobiography titled My Thoughts Exactly. The book has given fans an intimate glimpse at the musician's life with many passages revealing never before heard narratives. The "5 O'Clock" songstress addressed her struggles with addiction and coming to terms with sexual assault. "I was behaving in a way that was the opposite of being sexually liberated or free; I was trapped in a cycle. I was addicted to the drink and drugs I was consuming and the sex I was chasing," she wrote

In her book, Allen also revealed that while she on tour with Zoe Kravitz, the pair shared a kiss. "For my New York shows, Zoë Kravitz and her band Lolawolf supported me, so I got to know Zoe a bit," she shared. "We became friends. Later in the tour, when we were in Washington.... Zoe and I went out partying and ended up kissing. I heard that later that same night she'd got down with A$AP Rocky," she added. While on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Kravitz addressed the claim saying that Allen had in actuality attacked her. “If by kissing she means attacking, then yes, she kissed me,” she said. When Cohen asked if she had read the book, Kraviz responded, " I don’t think anybody read the book.”

Watch Zoe on Watch What Happens Live below.