03 Greedo may be in the beginning stages of his 20-year prison sentence after having turned himself in last week but he definitely still has a polarizing opinion about some of your favorite rappers. We all know what Greedo said about Tupac after Lil Xan began the slander in an interview, and although his comments about J. Cole did not pick up as much traction, his distaste for the rapper has been made clear. Tweeting out "No Thanx J Cole" around the time K.O.D. dropped, it was clear that Greedo wasn't necessarily into the North Carolina rapper but his hatred for his music is only coming out now.

Okay, so this is certainly not the first time J. Cole has been slandered by a fellow rapper. Just look at Lil Pump. However, the passion with which Greedo discusses his hatred of the man's music is astounding. At times, the Los Angeles rapper looks at the interviewer as if he's crazy, responding to his questions as if he's being played somehow: "That is trash. Looking at you, you're the type of person he makes music for." Clearly, Greedo is more down to turn up than to listen to Cole's brand of conscious rap.

He explained the context of his "No Thanx" tweet, saying he saw some news about J. Cole and instantly was furious. "I always get mad. I hate that n---a's music. I don't hate him personally. I wouldn't like beat him up or try to start something."

With Greedo now in prison, he probably won't be hearing much of Cole's music for the next few years at least. At least he can consider that a positive?