03 Greedo has made headlines for all the wrong reasons this year. The rapper has been bubbling in Los Angeles for a few years but this year, he blew up across the nation, mostly for his comments about Tupac and his extraordinarily long prison sentence. Due to serve 20 years in a cell for drug trafficking and gun charges, Greedo will return to court tomorrow for another hearing. Performing his final show yesterday, the rapper made sure to make it a memorable night since he will soon be locked up for a long time. With hopes that he will be released much sooner than 20 years from now, Greedo proposed to his girlfriend at the show, making sure she was with him for the long haul.

The Watts product documented his last concert thoroughly on his Instagram, shouting out a few other parties but focusing mainly on his girl. Although he is obviously discouraged, Greedo is doing his best to stay positive and look toward the future. If he ends up serving the full twenty years, he will be 50-years-old by the time he gets out. Hopefully, fans of his music will be able to hear his voice through phone recordings. One thing is for sure: a "Free Greedo" movement will undoubtedly begin the minute he begins his sentence.

Check out a video below of Greedo getting down on one knee for his lady.