A series of burglaries hit some of the most affluent neighborhoods of California last summer. Celebrities were particularly targetted, including  Rihanna, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig and Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods. 10 suspects have now been charged for the crimes related to these cases. They face a litany of charges: criminal street gang conspiracy, first-degree residential burglary, home invasion robbery, first-degree residential robbery, and attempted burglary.

On Friday, September 28, police arrested teenage suspects Tyress Williams, 19, Jshawne Daniels, 19, and Damaji Hall, 18 in South Los Angeles. Hall's mother, Ashle Hall, 34 was also arrested two days later. They were all released, apart from Williams soon after. Two of these people, Daniels and Hall, were then re-arrested and charged, along with the other alleged gang members: Hassan Deontre Murphy, 19, Joseph Holley, 22, Lance Williams, 18, Devin Garner, 24, Ron Simmons, 20, Donnie Faizon, 21, and Elan Lamberto Gabourel, 25.

The suspects are said to be part of a crew who selected their victims based on information they deduced from the celebrities' social media posts. In October, Investigators found a list that seemed to detail their next targets, naming Lebron James, Matt Damon, Viola Davis and more. Legal authorities believed the individuals engaged in "flocking," riding around right neighborhoods in luxury cars while wearing business casual attire as camouflage. The break-ins would typically be completed within minutes on they arrived at their destination. 


Caroline McCredie/Getty Images