North Carolina's Patrick Douthit isn't like most hip-hop stars. He's uninterested with chains, fame, cars, clothes and objectifying women. He's concerned with honoring classic soul music through his sample-based hip-hop beats. That has been enough to catch the attention of Jay Z, Beyonce, De La Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Erykah Badu and many more.

For the past dozen years, 9th Wonder has continued to keep real, positive hip-hop alive. Even when that means publicly admitting that Watch The Throne isn't his cup of tea.

But not all music can be for everyone, and 9th Wonder isn't going to compromise his integrity to go with the flow of mainstream rap music. Instead he speaks his mind, peacefully and truthfully, while making a crazy amount of music. We're thankful for dudes like Patrick Douthit, because without him, who knows if hot, new hip-hop music would even exist?