Chancelor Bennett is only 21 years old, but most of us know him as Chance The Rapper. It's through this moniker that he's brought his artistry to the world over the past few years. Not only can the dude rap, but he can join emo bands on stage, spearhead activism in Chicago, and write songs alongside Madonna, J. Cole, Wyclef Jean and more. He comes across as a really well-rounded individual in his interviews, too.

Most of us got to know Chance after he exploded on to the scene with his Acip Rap mixtape. His druggy subject matter, storytelling ability, and overall attitude makes him nothing less than special, and everybody has started to catch on. Now, alongside the Social Experiment, Chance The Rapper is looking to release his best project yet, Surf.

Before that, we figured it would be cool to highlight Chance's work thus far. Here are the 10 essential tracks from Chance The Rapper