Flying Lotus has been making brain-melting beats for about a decade now. The LA-based producer lives in the underground, but as the electronic music world has exploded, his music has gained the acclaim of critics and casual music listeners everywhere.

FlyLo made some huge waves in the blogosphere when news broke that he is in fact Captain Murphy, the enigmatic, cartoony, deep-voiced, laughing hip-hop personality that released the Duality mixtape a couple years back.

Over the years, Flying Lotus has worked with acclaimed and accomplished musicians like Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke. Most recently he's scored a massive track with Kendrick Lamar and even got a Snoop Dogg feature on his newest album You're Dead!. He's truly a versatile producer who has no boundaries for his style. Even Andre 3000 digs the dude's music...

Let's peep some of the dopest hip-hop tracks FlyLo has stamped his name on.