Over the course of the last six months Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies has become a must-know name in the rap world. A little over a year ago Skies was just another rapper with a small but dedicated following releasing music on Soundcloud, but thanks to key affiliations with both Cam of Cufboys and Cole Bennett, Lil Skies gained the platform to present his music to a larger audience. And when he got the chance he didn’t waste it--both “Red Roses” and “Nowadays” are currently at 30 million views on Youtube alone. 

Recently both of his singles with artist Landon Cube made their debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Red Roses” is currently surging upwards. It’s only a matter of time before Skies takes his rightful place alongside the stars of the new school.  

But Lil Skies has not been without some criticism and while the critiques are much lesser than many of his controversial peers they still exist. Some have accused his musical style of being vanilla, while others think his odd relationship with Cufboys (popular for the Mom reacts videos) qualify him as an “Industry plant.”  Regardless, Lil Skies is here to stay and as long as his music remains accessible the criticisms are meaningless.  

If you aren't adept at Lil Skies' music yet, here are the songs to know.