Superheroes have had a major influence on hip-hop. The colorful comic book characters that opened up the imagination of children worldwide changed our perception of the world. Heroes of every color saved the world, from Black Panther to Doctor Strange, Batman to Wonder Woman. The same super-powered characters that inspired us to run around at playtime as kids also sparked the interest of several rappers and DJs in hip-hop. 

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

The difference between superheroes and rappers aren't that great. We treat our favorite rappers and DJs like heroes, and hold them higher than the regular man in our minds. We paint them as something more than normal, and we rely on them for the music that powers our lives. A new song from your favorite artist might save you from moments when you feel like the world is over. Or music may energize you in the gym as you use its power to help you get amped up. Among the many rappers that have drawn influence from comic books, we decided to pick ten who really fit their characters. They may not fly, or smash, but their personalities or their commitment to the character has captured audiences around the world. From Big Pun to Jean Grae, enjoy our list of hip-hop artists with on point superhero alter egos.