They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but not everyone is flattered when Weird Al Yankovic decides to make their hit song into a caricature. The 54-year-old funny man has spent the better part of three decades taking some of pop’s biggest hits and making them into parodies that touch on subjects ranging from television to tattoos to trash day. Weird Al rose to stardom after parodying Micheal Jackson’s hit singles “Bad” and “Beat It” with “Fat” and “Eat It” (respectively) and when hip-hop became a prominent part of pop culture the curly-haired comic wasted little time jumping on the bandwagon, taking on artists like Hammer, Puff Daddy and Coolio. Some artists were cooler than others about it. While Coolio lashed out at the "Amish Paradise" faux MC Puffy found it funny when "All About The Benjamins" was turned into "All About The Pentiums." With some help from hip-hop, Al has enjoyed commercial success and made a lot of people laugh in the process.

With the recent release of Weird Al's new album Mandatory Fun, we decided to take a look at 10 of Weird Al's greatest hip-hop parodies.