Nowadays the lines are becoming blurred as to who is a rapper and who is a singer. Not only are genres being bent in different directions, so that it's not uncommon to find an EDM influence (or folk, if it's Yelawolf) in a rap song and vice versa, but vocals are being bent in every which way as well. Rappers are experimenting with flows and voices, like Kendrick Lamar, and they're also pushing the boundaries when it comes to being a singer. You do not need to be classically trained in order to hit the high notes any more, chances are you just need a touch of auto-tune, and even some artists manage without that. With the landscape of what rap sounds like changing, we're taking a look at the artists who are at the helm. There are many rappers who've tried out singing, even Kanye West did a full album with this style, but which rappers have truly called it their own? Click through the galleries up top to find out the 10 hottest rappers (right now) that are giving us those sing-song raps.