If you were in your teens between the years 2003 and 2009, having a Myspace was a must. The predecessor to Facebook was a major step up from instant messaging platforms like AIM, the only form of social network any of us really had until the mid-2000s, and it also had a big impact on the music industry. For the first time, undiscovered artists had a means of sharing their music with millions of people across the globe (YouTube would come into the picture two years later), and the personal touch of a Myspace page gave eventual fans something more to latch onto. Artists from all over the spectrum -- Lily Allen in indie, Arctic Monkeys in rock, Sean Kingston in R&B/pop -- gained fame off of super popping Myspace profiles.

In hip-hop, the biggest winners in the Myspace era were undoubtedly Soulja Boy and Lil B. Soulja actually got his start on Soundclick, a less popular music market for artists, but once he began getting requests for live performances, he linked his page to a Myspace profile, and that's when his career started to take off. Lil B, on the other hand, was already somewhat famous as a member of The Pack before he hopped on Myspace, but then he allegedly created at least 155 profiles to share the 1,500 tracks he had amassed by 2010. Both were some of the first to capitalize on the new platform's potential for reach, and the younger generation definitely took notice. 

Many of today's top-tier artists were struggling for recognition on Myspace a decade ago, and we've gone back and found their old profiles. Some have been deleted, and the others have clearly been long abandoned, but we were able to scrounge up some screenshots and old photos. They should bring back some hilarious memories of your own Myspace triumphs and (more likely) struggles.