Kanye West's The Life of Pablo has finally arrived, and it's about as good as anyone could've expected. Agitated fans are starting to forgive Kanye for his ridiculous antics throughout the convoluted and unpredictable album rollout. The anticipation really started to build three weeks ago, when Kanye shared the first copy of a handwritten tracklist for his upcoming album, then-titled SWISH. There were 10 tracks listed, and at the bottom of the page appeared the words "KYLIE WAS HERE." 

In the time in between then and the album's TIDAL release, the tracklist grew in size (with the final installment boasting 18 songs), the album underwent a few name changes (finally arriving at the cryptic The Life of Pablo), and the sign-in sheet accumulated signatures from the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan -- as well as just about every major figure in the entertainment industry. 

Many of those whose names appeared on the guestlist would be featured on The Life of Pablo, while others simply stopped by to provide some in-studio inspiration. Upon the album's release, the names of even more musical legends have shown up in the liner notes. There are so many far-reaching and disparate talents on this thing, it's a wonder 'Ye was able to make it fully represent his own vision. Though Kanye might be guilty of inflating his own ego, he has never been afraid to welcome those who inspire him to aid him in achieving his goals. 

There are almost too many people to credit for the consummate genius that is Kanye's new album. Here are 10 surprise artists that you may not have known to be involved in the making of The Life of Pablo