Weezy F Baby...please say the baby. It’s almost time! Lil Wayne is set to return with Tha Carter V this fall, scheduled to drop October 28th. Unfortunately, we can only take this with a grain of salt, as it has been pushed back time and time again. With the release of the hit single “Believe Me” and other strong leaks like "Krazy", "Grindin'" and "D'Usse", fans can only anticipate what the rest of the album will hold. 

Hence, while Lil Wayne is busy touring with Drake across 31 cities for the "Drake Vs. Lil Wayne" tour, we compiled the top ten facts that you should know about this project.

Feel free to hypothesize about Tha Carter V in the comments, or discuss whether or not Lil Wayne is "back" (as we know it's highly debated subject).