Last month, Young Thug  announced his upcoming project EBBTG (or Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls) as his "singing album," which got us thinking, isn't everyYoung Thug project a singing album to some extent? The Atlanta rapper has never been shy to approach melody; his earliest attempts being largely inspired by his favorite rapper of all time (and also one he experienced some indirect conflict with) Lil Wayne. In a 2014 interview with Complex, Thug named Wayne's "Steady Mobbin'" (one of Wayne's most sugary hooks) and "Eat You Alive" (one of the rapper's strangest vocal experiments) as two of his favorite songs from his idol. In the years since, Thug has taken that blueprint and made something all his own, rarely rapping without adding some sort of tunefulness to his vocals and always pushing his voice in unexpected directions.

While singing in some form or another is present on the majority of Thug songs, it's almost always weaved into rapping, to the point it can be a tough thing to properly classify his vocals. EBBTG seems like it could be the first project that Thug establishes the line between rapping and singing, and while we can't say for sure what it will sound like, some of Thug's more melodic moments should supply a few hints.

In this list, we're looking back through 10 songs from Thug's career that could bear comes clues to the "singing" album he's promised. Click through the galleries above to listen to our selections.