The municipality of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh has been rocked by a mass shooting that occurred inside a synagogue this morning. The shooter, Robert Bowers, was believed to be fuelled by anti-semanticism, as he entered the community center screaming profanities before opening fire. Eleven people in total were killed during the shooting spree. Bowers was later taken into custody.

Federal law enforcement officials have convened, and are pointing to Bowers' social media activity as a starting point in their investigation into his motives. Not too long before the shooting, Bowers posted the following hateful message on the Gab social media platform: "can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in." Gab is said to be frequented by a large contingent of anti-semitic thinkers (bigots).

Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell D. Hissrich said the horrific crime scene was by far the worst he'd ever witnessed in his career. Four police officers on his staff were among the six wounded at the scene. 

The Squirrel Hill neighborhood is noted for having a fairly prominent Jewish Community, and as you probably "The Sabbath" is the holiest day of the week, for which synagogue services are held. Our deepest sympathies to those whose lives were touched by the tragedy.