The Weeknd rose up as a largely anonymous kid from Toronto who released three epic mixtapes in 2011. March, August and December each held a release date for this dude who was mixing sounds of electronica, hip-hop, dubstep, R&B, downtempo and soul in a way that had never been done before.

Well, it worked. In November of 2012 The Weeknd reissued the three mix tapes on the Triology release which donned his face on the cover. He was no longer an anonymous kid from Toronto, he was now a certified star and, in many ways, a sex symbol.

That sex symbol status comes from a relentless ability to turn drug-filled club nights in to x-rated verses and hooks. With a delivery unlike anybody else's in music, his raunchy lyrics and dark (albeit VERY unique) aesthetic became a hit. He's essentially a household name in the year 2015, working with the likes of Arianna Grande and working on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, we thought it may be appropriate to look at The Weeknd's most sexually explicit lyrics. There's no shortage of words about bedroom behavior, whether literal or metaphorical, but these 13 take the cake.