All year round, hip hop is the center of our universe. Yet, some times of year can be so enthralling that we can be swept off of our feet by the seasonal fan fair, put down the headphones for just a moment and trade in our bangers for some indulgent celebration. That’s why, now that Halloween is upon us, it’s hard not to dive into the pantheon of pulse-pounding motion pictures that stimulate the scares this time of year. And while there are plenty (and I mean plenty, like a truly surprising amount) of rappers who have graced the silver screen in a horror movie or two, we here at HotNewHipHop would much rather point you in the direction of good horror flicks to fixate on this weekend.

Like, we could have made a list of rappers who have been in scary movies - but then we would have been responsible for turning your attention to straight up dreadful performances including but not limited to LL Cool J as an aspiring porno screenwriter in "Halloween H20," Sticky Fingaz in the relentlessly offensive "Leprechaun: Back 2 The Hood," and Coolio in "Dracula 3000."

Seriously, these are awful additions to the gallery of horror films.

So, leave those cringe-worthy films in the back of your mind and instead bring these quality ones to the fore. Click along as we give you 13 Must Watch Scary Movies.