A light year for Young Thug implies at least one full length album and over three dozen guest spots. If that sounds insane, it's because it is - not everyone is built like these ATL cats. Graduating from the School of Guwop, Thug is no stranger to hardwork and has a tunnel vision when it comes to his craft. It's a sure fire way to keep your fans fed & happy, but it's also double edged sword, in that often times your best work can become an afterthought.

You know his big name appearances this year, whether it's on the The Fast and The Furious soundtrack, or alongside acts such as Drake, Calvin Harris, Chris Brown or Camila Cabello, but have you heard his verse on that Tyga mixtape? Or alongside up & comer Strick? What about his first collab with B.o.B? (side note: did you even know B.o.B. dropped a project this year?) When you have over a hundreds verses to your name in a given calendar year, many on songs and features that are released unceremoniously, how can you blame someone for treating verses #44 and #72 like they are interchangable and/or disposable? You really can't.

Thankfully, we're here to make sense of the prolificacy to the best of our abilities. Discover all these, and more, as we highlight some of Young Thug's most overlooked features of 2017.