The lives of rappers are in the spotlight daily, allowing the public to constantly observe what these rappers are up to. Whether they are topping the charts, or involved in a media frenzy, the public is always in the know. Due to this, questions arise about whether or not these rappers should have social accountability for their actions, since a lot of people, especially the younger generations look up to these stars. The law obviously to think so, making examples of rappers when putting them under arrest, since many lead lifestyles that make it appear as though they are exempt from punishment. In fact, just last night we heard about the arrest of rising Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine for a murder charge. 

This feature is about 15 rappers who have done time in jail, and/or are still currently doing a bid in prison. Some of the alleged crimes these rappers have done may be old news, others you probably didn't even know did some time. These rappers have been arrested for various charges such as tax evasion, gun possession, manslaughter, attempted murder, perjury and so on.This list goes to show that no matter how much money rappers may have, at the end of the day they too are not above the law.