Karol Sanchez was walking with her mother in the Bronx on Monday night, when she appeared to have been snatched up and dragged to a vehicle by two mysterious men. An Amber Alert was issued for Karol's kidnapping on Tuesday morning, and a video taken from a nearby security camera was released by the New York Police Department, which shows the supposed kidnapping occurring.

The kidnapping was spread all over the news, and the NYPD even took to Twitter to ask the public if there was any information out there on Karol's whereabouts. The 16-year-old was fortunately found and brought to safety later on Tuesday, but police officials have now revealed that Karol has confessed to staging the whole ordeal.

While being questioned by police officers, Karol admitted that the whole kidnapping was a hoax that she perpetrated. A police official noted that Karol said her mother was "overprotective," and that her family was considering moving back to Honduras, despite Karol's insisted on staying in the U.S. It is suspected that both of these details were motivating factors in Karol's decision to plan such a ruse. Police are still deciding whether Karol or the men involved in staging the kidnapping will face criminal charges.