The Associated Press reports that a teenager was stabbed to death by a fellow straight-A student in a suburban Detroit high school. The altercation supposedly took place during place during first period, the suspect producing a steak knife to maim and kill another female student. Sources say the altercation was over a love triangle that formed between them another student. The teenage boy in the middle of the squabble is believed to be cooperating with investigators in the aftermath of her death. It looks like he was present in the classroom when the feud turned bloody at roughly 8:30 am.

The school has decided to close its doors in the interim, while the student body comes to grips with their trauma. The school, its guidance councilors and program facilitators will never-the-less remain on site to provide around the clock support and assistance to members of the student body. The psychic of this tragic event is incalculable, even for students who barely came into contact with Danyna Gibson or the suspect prior to the incident. Danyna's death has given district officials cause to perform an internal review of the safety parameters for all schools under their watch.

Twitter is responsible for properly identifying the victim in the attack. RIP Danyna Gibson.