Christina Milian's home was previously robbed two times in four days while Rihanna's fell under the same attack and Yasiel Puig, as well as Rams wide receiver Robert Woods. According to TMZ police may have nabbed the suspect after 19-year-old Tyress Williams was pulled over last weekend with items in his car that belonged to the latter. 

There's even video evidence that cops suspect is Tyress, that sees him kicking down the front door of Yasiel's home. The L.A. Dodgers' star has been robbed four times now and cops don't know if Tyress has been the culprit each time. According to the publication, it wasn't just celebrities who were victim to the break-ins but also a plethora of L.A. residents in a particular area. 

Obviously, the suspects have a thing for celebrities and being as a lot of them post their whereabouts on social media it can be too easy for people to know when they are not home.