Earlier this week, it was revealed that two Atlanta legends, Big Boi and 2 Chainz would get to duke it out on Celebrity Family Feud where they would be fighting for $25,000 for charity. Fans of both artists had been waiting patiently for the episode and recently, it finally went down as the Patton Clan took on The Real U.

For those unaware of Family Feud, the game requires teams to guess how a survey of one hundred people would answer a specific question. These questions are typically extremely humorous and force those answering into some pretty uncomfortable situations. Overall, the game between 2 Chainz and Big Boi seemed to be a whole lot of fun.

As you will see in the clips below, 2 Chainz's team ended up defeating Big Boi's squad and got to play in the Fast Money round. After a strong start from 2 Chainz, The Real U eventually won the $25,000 with a clutch last question answer.

2 Chainz has been busy as of late due to the fact he has been teasing a new album called So Help Me God which is dealing with sample clearance drama right now.

Regardless, this recent Family Feud win will surely go towards a good cause.