Though 2 Chainz has long given up on securing a feature from Jay-Z, having addressed the futility of his efforts during a Breakfast Club interview, that hasn't stopped Tity Boi from drawing inspiration from the Roc Nation icon. In fact, it would appear that he perceives Jay-Z to be a kindred spirit of sorts, as evidenced by his homage "Southside Hov," a highlight track from his latest album So Help Me God. 

2 Chainz Jay-Z

Kevin Mazur/Getty Image

Today, 2 Chainz doubled down on his appreciation for the rap legend through a congratulatory Instagram post, praising Jay's business acumen following a new partnership with Moët Hennessy. "See people don’t hold their nuts on HOV because they expect him to win," begins Toni, addressing the myriad fans who view Jay to be the GOAT. "because he is older or maybe because he been setting the pace for so long he is such a beacon of light and change for so many like myself who graduated from the streets. He did the nba , nfl , shoes ,apparel, alcohol , tech , cannabis, real estate , reform etc gone either hate or be inspired!"

"You know what side im on," he continues, taking a moment to flex the scope of his own empire. "Entrepreneur , restaurants ,real estate , Gleague team, beverages, nail spa ,dispensaries etc ..Toni been a student of the game!!! Congrats Hov!" While it's unclear as to whether or not this will revitalize his now-inactive quest for a Jay-Z feature, it's always welcome to catch a glimpse into the mind of an entrepreneurial emcee, especially one of 2 Chainz' caliber. Check out his message below.