2 Chainz' show "Most Expensivest" has to be one of the funniest programs involving a hip-hop star today. Since last year, Chainz teamed up with GQ and Viceland to make it a regular series showing the rapper exploring some of the "Most Expensivest Shit" he's encountered. While much of the series is bizarre as he finds some pretty absurd nonsense, most episodes stand out. In the most recent video, the Atlanta artist frequents a sex doll factory, discussing the process with the co-owner and designer of some of the priciest dolls in the world. Some of what he saw seems to have scarred him for life as he came across the ultra-realistic "Vagankle."

Yes, folks, it's exactly what it sounds like. Produced and distributed by Sinthetics, the company makes a foot with an opening on the ankle that is intended for fetish use. As co-owner Matt Krivicke showed Tity Boi around, he felt some of the dolls and seemed generally amazed at what he was witnessing in the studio. It turns out that each doll has a name too and some are created with freckles and other defining characteristics. Of course, those cost a little more than the usual ones. Making each product from scratch, the co-owner proudly showed off his inventory as Chainz looked back at the producers in awe of what he was taking part in.

The video below is definitely NSFW so check it out if you want to see 2 Chainz peeping some of the most expensive and realistic dolls known to man. If this is just too weird for you, check out the rapper and Wale linking up with a matchmaker on another episode.