This summer, the irreplaceable 2 Chainz was making the promotional rounds to hype up Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, which ultimately made our top five hottest albums of the year list. During the press tour, 2 Chainz spoke at length about linking up with Eminem for a collaboration, telling DJ Drama a little bit about their studio session. Apparently, Em brought 2 Chainz in for a hook, but the Atlanta rapper felt like it wasn't enough, and laid down a verse. The two even posed for a picture together, and 2 Chainz proceeded to build up even more hype about the collaboration. 

Suffice it to say, fans of both Eminem and 2 Chainz were excited to see what the pair cooked up. However, when Revival's tracklist dropped yesterday, Tity Boi was nowhere to be seen. In fact, the only rap feature was Phresher, who opened up about his studio sessions with Em last night. Many were left wondering what happened to the 2 Chainz collaboration, which was shaping up to be one of the summer's more hyped tracks. Last night, 2 Chainz seemed to address his absence, using the universal language of emojis. And judging from his caption, he doesn't exactly seem pleased about his absence.

Chainz shared a picture of the Revival tracklist, along with the shady eyes, the angry face, and a clenched fist. Apparently, he didn't even know he was being cut, and feels some type of way about the decision. Can you really blame him? 2 Chainz put out one of the year's best projects, and to drop him from the final tracklist is a slight to say the least. Still, fans are holding out hope that 2 Chainz will appear on the bonus version, but is the damage already done?